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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Steve Forstall and his 11' 2'' Modern Longboard

Steve Forstall has been working on long boards in the above eleven foot range. He seems to have settled on 11' 2'' as his optimum length and poly instead of epoxy as his optimum medium. Steve says the poly simply has weight which gives these boards the glide needed to take off ten yards past other long boards. Having tried stand up paddle boards, Steve says the 11'2'' is a better answer for him.

If you notice the outline of these boards they are different than other extra long big boards. The wide points are further back and nose though still rounded for nose riding are more narrow.

The boards turn unreal says Forstall and given the wave conditions where he lives the last couple of seasons....these are his board of choice at this time. You can pretty much go surfing everyday he says.

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